Welcome to Fermentation Press, publisher of ideas, notions, observations and conjecture.

Founded in 2011, Fermentation Press is an independent publisher located in the Eastern Townships, Quebec.


Our aim is to offer original titles in the fields of sociology, political science, history and philosophy, but without the constraints of academic etiquette. We wish to encourage a more holistic approach to the study of man and society. And, who knows, we may even come up with fiction now and then.


Being québécois, we are all bilingual. We have plans to publish in French in the near future, hence our name: Édition Fermentation Press.


A French version of this site will be up and running as soon as we have a French title, if not sooner.

Fermentation Press is pleased to announce the publication of

its second title:

Keepers of the Flame,

by Ron Dart.

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