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﷯Canadian Public Culture by Gary Caldwell $19.95 (paperback) $9.95 (ebook) Do citizens know their rights? Do they under-stand their duties? The increase in judicial activism, diversity in the population and the rapid changes brought on by technological innovation have many Canadians wondering about what holds Canada together and how they can act in an evolving country. In Canadian Public Culture, Gary Caldwell examines and dissects the public practices that we traditionally associate with a free and responsible citizen, the citizen who made this country the envy of the world. Upon explaining why it is primordial that we understand the “rules of the game” that govern our public lives and why its transmission is imperative, Caldwell introduces Canadians to their fundamental freedoms, legal, political, economic and social rights and, of equal importance, their duties and responsibilities. Canadian Public Culture is an indispensable and accessible handbook to anyone who is interested in understanding what it means to be a free and responsible citizen. _____________________________________________________________ ﷯Keepers of the Flame: Canadian Red Toryism by Ron Dart $30 (paperback) Keepers of the Flame is a collection of essays that speaks to the clash between the ancients and the moderns, between a more seasoned and reasoned form of conservatism and the way modern liberalism ever unfolds in the North American and Canadian contexts. Dart asks if it's possible for Canada to become a 'New Athens' that challenges the imperial nature of liberalism. Is Canada fated to genuflect to the liberal monarch that sits south so confident on his throne? _____________________________________________________________ ﷯La Culture Public Commune By Gary Caldwell $25 (Nota Bene edition) The inspiration for Canadian Public Culture, was originally published by Nota Bene in 2001 and had an enormous influence in shaping debate in Quebec, particularly with respect to the province-wide conversation on reasonable accommodations and the Bouchard-Taylor commission which made use of the term “culture public commune”. The term was coined by Caldwell and Julien Harvey. ﷯Hunting on Concrete by Gary Caldwell $19.95 (paperback) Fifty years ago, roaming in the woods with our family dog, I became aware of a peculiar bond between us. We were “connecting” with one another in a very special and intense fashion. However, as I began to think about it, the “connectedness” evaporated. I then realized that the special connectedness, or communion as I later came to call it, was incompatible with thought or what students of homo sapiens call cognizant consciousness. Furthermore, it became apparent that cognizant consciousness is a reduced and simplified version of human experience. In subsequent years, searching for a conceptual framework with which to understand the human condition, I realized that the urban world was, in contrast to received thinking, a much simpler world than that of the forest. – Gary Caldwell ____________________________________________________ ﷯Sojourns in the Western Twilight: Essays in Honor of Tom Darby Edited by Robert C. sibley & Janice Freamo $30.00 (paperback) The book is a collection of essays written in celebration of Tom Darby's 35th anniversary with Carleton University. Contributions include: World and Worldview: The Technological Paradigm Gilbert Germain; The New Religion of Technology Donald Verene; The New Justice in the Age of Planetary Rule David Tabachnick; Nietzsche’s “doctrine” of will-to-power as a Mythologēma Horst Hutter; Kant and Voegelin’s Early Anthropology Barry Cooper; Redeeming Modernity: The Ascent of Eros and Wisdom in Hegel’s Phenomenology Waller R. Newell; Kant, the Enlightenment, and Mr. Stevens Ronald Beiner; Karl Löwith and Leo Strauss: A Dialogue Concerning a Possible Overcoming of Historicism Daniel Tanguay; Confronting Nihilism: The Political Theory of the Psalms H. Lee Cheek Jr.; Art and Literature at the End of History: Kojève as Critic Hugh Gillis; What’s Wrong With a World State Timothy Burns; Thomas Hobbes’ Attack on the Idea of a Universal Sovereign of all Christendom Phil Azzie; Amicus Plato: The Dialogue between Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojève Gaelan Murphy; History, Trans-humanism, and the Emptying out of Higher Education Peter Augustine Lawler; Political Correctness, Post-History Joseph Khoury; Thinking and Teaching after the End of History Toivo Koivukoski; Socrates’ Spiritual Discipline: Love, Learning and Community in Plato’s Phaedrus Robert C. Sibley; On Odysseys Ancient and Modern: An Excursus on Spiritual Crisis and Causal Explanation Tom Darby. ____________________________________________________ Freedom Wears a Crown by John Farthing $50 (limited collector's edition) In the Eastern Townships, outside the hustle and bustle of Montreal, John Farthing renounced his McGill/Oxford education in modern classics and economics to return to the “throbbing” centuries Hooker, Coleridge and Shakespeare inhabited before writing Freedom Wears a Crown. "I have sought”, he writes in chapter one, “to follow the tradition from the English Reformation; from Hooker on to Coleridge, the great germinal mind of the nineteenth century in England. Then I rediscovered Shakespeare who, read against his own Elizabethan background, becomes the highest expression of Christianity outside the New Testament. I found after prolonged dosage of the aridities of the Lockes and the Humes and the Mills, going back to the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, one entered a new and still living world." Inspired by the pre-modern and the robust roots of the Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition, Freedom Wears Crown is a political meditation that Canadians have regrettably ignored. This likely due to Mr. Farthing’s premature death and the book's posthumous publication, but also to the severe criticism of mid-twentieth century public policy whose short-comings we twenty-first century Canadians can retrospectively see with more clarity. Farthing was likely viewed as a sour romantic, but paradoxically he saw the sour features of a post-modern twentieth century. Fermentation Press has obtained a limited number of copies of the second printing of Freedom Wears a Crown by an Australian press, now defunct, and is making it available at a collector’s edition rate. We foresee republishing a third, but second Canadian, edition in the next two to three years.

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